8th MO Infantry (US)
Company C

The information and the photo below comes from John Emerson's great-great-grandson, MARK EMERSON.
"I have provided a photo showing John Emerson and his family from 1905.   John is the guy standing in the right foreground holding hands with the little boy (who's also standing).   The little boy he is holding hands with is my Grandfather Earl (his Grandson).   Earl's father, Edward, is 3rd from the left."

Emerson Family Photo

"I really enjoyed looking at your website.   My grandfatherís grandfather, John, was a Corporal in Company C of the 8th Missouri.   Iím only now researching his Civil War history."
"He enlisted in September 1861 as a private.   Was promoted to Corporal in February 1863, was transferred to Company K: June 16, 1864, and then Company A: August 14, 1864.   They say he was discharged September 18 1864.   Apparently, just a few months before being discharged a large number of soldiers' 3-year enlistments were up and they went home --- which led to a large reorganization in the entire regiment."
"John Emerson is buried in North Bend, Wisconsin.   He lived to 84, which in that era was quite an achievement.   Itís a little like finding out you had a rock star in the family. Researching the battles these guys were in, itís amazing that any of them came home alive."
"Johnís son Edward had only two children.   Edwards son Earl was my grandfather.   Earl died in 1976."