Hurff Family Coat of Arms
8th MO Infantry (US)
Company E
Hurff (Harff) Family Coat of Arms

(Isaac Hurff Jr. is a half-uncle to Isaac Ewalt Hurff of the 8th Missouri.
There is a 7-year age difference between them.)

Isaac Hurff Jr.
DATES: 01 SEP 1835 to 14 JAN 1903
FATHER: Isaac Hurff   b. 1787, Turnersville, New Jersey
MOTHER: Ann Jaggard   b. 12 NOV 1787, Woolwich Township, New Jersey

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Bob Parks came across this notation in the Elmwood directory for 1888, page 743, found at the Peoria Library.
"HURFF ISAAC, nurseryman and gardener, P. O. Elmwood, son of Isaac and Ann (Jaggard) Hurff, was born in Gloucester County, NJ on the 1st day of September, 1835; was reared on a farm and educated in his native township.   Emigrated to Peoria County in the spring of 1856.   Enlisted in the 8th Missouri Volunteer Infantry in 1861.   Mustered in at St. Louis; thence to Paducah, Kentucky.; thence to Forts Hindman and Henry, where they fought and captured 4,000 rebel prisoners; thence to Pittsburg Landing participating in that battle; thence to the Russell House; he was at the evacuation of Corinth, and was soon after discharged, from failing health.
Enlisted as a private but was commissioned second lieutenant before leaving St. Louis.  Returned to Elmwood and stayed one year; then went to his native State and married Miss Elizabeth Linch, born in Salem County, New Jersey, in 1836.   They have had four children, two of whom are living.   In the year 1870, Mr. H. took a trip to Philadelphia with his family to attend the Exposition."

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Bob Markunas, when looking for Civil War veterans in the Elmwood Illinois cemetery, came across Isaac Hurff Jr's grave:

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