View of Memphis during the Civil War
8th MO Infantry (US)
Company C
View of Memphis during the Civil War

Lucian Martin was born in 1843 and grew up in Quincy IL.   After the War he returned to Quincy IL, got married, and then followed his brothers out to California.   In 1880, he was living in San Francisco with his wife and three boys, and working as a printer.   He died in 1886 at the age of 43.

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Civil War Letter written by Lucian Martin in 1862:
Letter written by Lucian Martin

Memphis Tenn Dec 16th 1862
Dear Father
      After a march of nearly one hundred and fifty miles, I again address you from Memphis.   We started from Memphis on the 26th Nov and marched to Oxford Miss, where we received orders to return to Memphis and from here to go down the river.   We reached here on the 13th and on account of our fly tents, we have had to sleep on wet ground for two nights - but now we have drawn some captured Secesh tents that will answer our purpose very well.   We can look over the patches, as in all probability we were the cause of their kneading patches.
      We will, I suppose, start down the river in two or three days as Gen. Grant is not of the disposition to let the rebs rest a great while.   We have reports of our army in Virginia doing good work, and I hope it is so.   Since our arrival here I have received two letters from Sarah.   I love to hear from her, but she always says that she may be writing to a dead brother - which gives me the blues sure as I read it, and if I request her to leave that part of it out, she will be offended.
      Give my love to all, and accept the same yourself.
      From your son,
            L. A. Martin
(FOOTNOTE: "secesh" is a Civil War term meaning "secessionist".)

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(The documents on this page were supplied by John Beresford, Great-great-grandson of Lucian Martin.)