8th MO toy soldiers
8th MO Infantry (US)
Company A
Toy Soldiers wearing the Zouave uniform of
the 8th Missouri Volunteer Infantry (US)

There is a bit of confusion about John Redden.   One of the 8th Missouri rosters lists him as "John Redden" and says that he was in company A of the 8th Missouri.   This roster says that he was the ripe old age of 35 when he joined.   It also says that he joined from Warsaw, Illinois.

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The confusion comes from the Keokuk, Iowa, cemetery records for him.   These records list two people in Plot 709 of the cemetery: John N Redden and J N Reddern.   Both are listed as Company K of the 8th Missouri.   It is safe to assume that there is only one person in the grave, and that his name is Redden, since Reddern is a rare last name.
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A roster of Lee County (Iowa) Civil War veterans shows that John was born in the state of Delaware.   This site puts his age at 33 at the time of enlistment.
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