Green Mountain Boys
8th MO Infantry (US)
Company G
Toy Soldiers:
Green Mountain Boys with Flag

Nathan B. Rowley was the great-grandson of Thomas Rowley.   Thomas Rowley was one of Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys during the American Revolution.   The Green Mountain Boys are noted for their daring capture of Fort Ticonderoga.   They also fought at the Battle of Bennington.

Great-grandfather Thomas Rowley served as the town clerk of Danby, Vermont, from 1769 to 1782, but he was better known as the "Poet of the Green Mountain Boys.   Thomas used his wit to write verses to spur people to action.   Here is a sample, in which he encourages New Yorkers to leave New York and settle in Vermont:

Come all you laboring hands that toil below,
Among the rocks and sands, that plow and sow;
Upon your hired lands, let out by cruel hands,
'Twill make you large amends to Rutland go.

Great-grandson Nathan B. Rowley was born in Southport, Peoria County, Illinois on June 2, 1834.   His father took patents on his land from the U.S. government in 1836-1838.   Nathan joined the 8th Missouri Volunteer Infantry on June 26, 1861.   He was killed on May 22, 1863, during the siege of Vickburg.

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Great-Grandparents:   Thomas Rowley (1711-1796) and Lois Cass of Vermont.
Grandparents:   Nathan (1745-1853) and Anna Rowley of Pennsylvania.
Parents:   Ichabod (1794-1877) Rowley and Celia Rowley of Illinois.

Tombstone of Nathan Rowley