8th MO
Map Of Ireland
Visit to Ireland

In a salute to the Irish roots of the 8th MO Infantry, a group of re-enactors travelled to Ireland.   They arrived in Dublin where they were met by Civil War re-enactors, who were native Irish.   It was Dave (an Irish re-enactor) who arranged an extensive tour from Dublin to Belfast and back - as well as a trip to Cork to meet Berti and his sons.   Both Dave and Berti are Irishmen who re-enact the American Civil War to commemorate the Irish who emigrated to America and fought as American soldiers.
One highlight of the visit was a reception at the birthplace of Major General Jackson Cleburne (CSA) just outside Cork.   The presence of the American re-enactors generated a lot of interest, and many people came from town to see the 8th MO in uniform.   The 8th MO re-enactors also stopped at the birthplace of General Thomas Meagher (USA).   General Meagher led an interesting life: having escaped from the penal colony in Australia, and winding up as the territorial governor of Montana.
Another 8th MO camp was set up at the farm of another Irish re-enactor, Paddy.   This was followed by Tea with the Lord Mayor of Cork.   Below are a few photos from the 8th MO trip (Summer 2001):

8th MO at Cleburne's House
8th MO (plus some Irish re-enactors) at Cleburne's house
Reception at Cleburne's House
8th MO at reception at Cleburne's house
Irish Re-enactor Paddy
Irish Re-enactor Paddy looks over the shoulder of Miss Melodie
as she reads an original manuscript
Young Reenactors
Young Irish Re-enactors
With the Lord Mayor
Commander Stan Prater and Lord Mayor of Cork  
The Good Father
The Good Father prays for the 8th MO Infantry to mend their
desire for demon rum and Irish whiskey.
8th MO pose with The Good Father
8th MO pose with the Good Father